Foot Operated Stamping Machine in India

Manufacturer of foot operated soap stamping machines in Ahmedabad

Foot operated soap stamping machine is significant inline machine that is used to cut the soap cake to give it perfect size, shape, design and weight. It is used to emboss logo or design of the company on the soap cake.

As the name shows, machine is operated with foot. Machine is provided with soap stamping die. Die is located in two different parts. It is fixed in upper part and lower part. It is operated with hands. Soap bars came out from the bar cutter with proper length. Soap bar is placed in to the foot operated soap stamping machines. Machine is provided with a paddle. Paddle is used to give out a stroke to stamp the bar. It is used to emboss brand name with cutting the bar in the predefined design, weight, size and shape.

Foot Operated Stamping Machine, Manufacturer

Foot Operated Stamping Machine Manufacturer

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