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In manufacturing line of soap making, soap cake is form in the shape of long bar. The long bar are again cut in to proper length bar. Then it is stamped in to perfect shaped and sized bar. With hi-tech work shop, we offer best quality inline machinery. It is made from optimum grade material. Long soap bar is cut in to predefined length with bar cutter.

A bar cutter is a mechanical tool or machine used in construction and metalworking to cut steel bars, rods, or reinforcing bars (rebar) into desired lengths. These bars are commonly used in concrete structures to provide strength and stability. Bar cutters are essential for projects that require precise and accurate cutting of steel bars to meet specific design and structural requirements.

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Types of Bar Cutters:

  • Manual Bar Cutters: These are handheld tools operated manually. They are suitable for small-scale construction projects or tasks that require occasional cutting of steel bars.
  • Electric Bar Cutters: These are powered by electricity and can cut steel bars more efficiently than manual tools. They are commonly used in construction sites for medium-sized projects.
  • Hydraulic Bar Cutters: These are heavy-duty machines that use hydraulic power to cut steel bars. They are suitable for large construction projects and can handle thicker and tougher steel bars.
  • Cutting Capacity: Bar cutters come in various sizes and are designed to cut steel bars of different diameters. The cutting capacity depends on the type and size of the machine. Hydraulic bar cutters generally have higher cutting capacities compared to manual or electric ones.
  • Safety Features: Bar cutters often include safety features such as guards and emergency stop buttons to prevent accidents during operation.
  • Applications: Bar cutters are used in various construction projects, including the construction of buildings, bridges, roads, and other concrete structures where steel reinforcement is required.